What is MotoRover?

MotoRover is an Indian travel company specializing in road trips. We offer crafted motorcycle tours and self-drive car road trips at international destinations. MotoRover is owned and operated by passionate road tripper and former automobile journalist, Piyush Sonsale.

What is the format of your group tours?

MotoRover’s group tours are fixed-date-departure road trips open to participation of individuals and groups up to the maximum capacity of vehicles or people, as defined by us. Group tours are operated on a route meticulously researched and custom designed by us after a scouting trip of the destination. Group tours are managed by a MotoRover representative on a motorcycle/ in a lead car and the group is followed by our ‘sweep car’ that ensures that no rider/driver is left behind. With this format you can ride/drive at your own pace, together with the group or a little distance behind. The sweep car is also a support car that provides breakdown and medical assistance to the travellers, transports the group’s luggage and at times there are a few empty seats for non-riders on the motorcycle tours.

The group tour package includes airport transfers, meals as specified, accommodation, the rental motorcycle/car with fuel and insurance, local activities and professional photography.

What is the format of your ‘on-your-own-tours’?

The on-your-own motorcycle tours/self-drive roadtrips are private tours designed for individuals, couples and groups who want to travel on their own on dates suitable to them. There won’t be a MotoRover support team and unknown participants outside your group on these tours. The on-your-own tour package includes the rental motorcycle/car, insurance for the vehicle, accommodation, travel and navigation handbooks and remote support from MotoRover.

What is the difference between your Group and On Your Own tours?

Service Group Tour On Your Own Tour
Tour leader
Sweep car
First aid support
Breakdown assistance ✓ (Remote)
Rental motorcycle/car
Flexible dates for departure
Group size restriction
Planned itineraries
Fuel ✓ (only for rental motorcycle/car)
Navigation book

How many motorcycles/cars do you allow on the group tour?

We restrict the length of the convoy on our group tours in order keep it manageable and to provide personal attention to each participant. Our maximum group sizes are up to 12 customer motorcycles or cars.

What is the daily riding/driving distance?

The routes are designed to have five to six hours of riding/driving on each travel day. The daily distance depends on the terrain and the scheduled activities on a particular day.

What is the daily schedule like?

Geared up and ready to ride/drive, we aim to start engines at 8:30 am on each travel day and turn them off at our destination for the day before sunset. In between engine start and engine switch off there are usually a number of interesting stops along the way. Plenty of time to enjoy the activities planned, to take photos and of course relish local cuisine.

What if I have an accident or my bike/car has a breakdown?

MotoRover’s support team is equipped to provide on the spot first aid. In case of severe injuries, we will ensure that you get the best possible medical aid. If the rental vehicle has a break down, our mechanic will fix the issue or replace the vehicle for you.

Who pays the medical bills?

In case of severe injuries or illness during the tour, We will ensure that you get the best medical treatment available at the location. We may also pay on your behalf for the initial treatment/admission to a hospital till you feel better but the cost of treatment must be borne by the patient.

What about my luggage?

Your luggage will be carried by the sweep car on our motorcycle group tours. On the self-drive road trips, we will recommend you the car option suitable for the size of your group and luggage.

Can I get my own motorcycle/car for the tour?

Sure you can! However, please note that MotoRover will not provide fuel for private vehicles and though we will provide all possible assistance in case of a breakdown of your vehicle, we cannot be held responsible if the issue cannot be resolved. Shipping or transportation of private vehicles is not included in the package.

What is the role of the tour leader?

MotoRover group tours are personally led by the founder, Piyush Sonsale or one of our other team members. The tour leader is your friend and single point of contact with MotoRover while on the tour who ensure that you get personal attention and a refined and enjoyable experience. Checkout the  Team section of this website to know more about our tour leaders.

Do we have to follow the tour leader on a group tour?

To get the best experience on our group tours, we recommend that you stay around the tour leader. Ideally the tour leader will lead the group, but we understand that this is your holiday and not a strict school picnic or an army convoy, so all we ask is that even if you do ride/drive ahead, keep the tour leader in your rear view mirror at all times. This is only because the tour leader is already familiar with the route has knowledge of the route, the terrain and refreshment stops and other halts planned along the way.

What information do you provide before the tour?

A MotoRover travel guide including a detailed travel advisory, tour itinerary, places of interest, essential contacts, luggage checklist and an indemnity form will be sent after you book a tour.

Do we have to share the motorcycle/car with unknown participants?

Motorcycle group tours: Rider and pillion must to come together as a group. Two unknown people can never share a motorcycle. As for swapping the bike with a fellow participant, you can do it with our permission but please note that damages to the bike, in case of an accident, will be recovered from the person who has rented the bike.

Self-drive road trips: MotoRover will never club strangers in one car unless the participants wish so themselves. However, if you sign up as a single person, a couple or a group of three people and want to share the vacant seat in your car with an unknown participant/s of the tour, we may be able to arrange that. If you swap cars with a fellow participant/s, any damage to the vehicle will be the responsibility of the person who has originally rented the car.

Why are your motorcycle tours more expensive than the self-drive road trips at the same destination and duration?

The cost of renting a leisure motorcycle is usually higher or similar to the rental of a leisure car and unlike the self-drive road trips where car rental and fuel costs are shared by all the passengers, the participant of a motorcycle tour pays for these costs alone.

Why don’t you include certain meals in the tour package?

We believe that savouring local cuisine is part of the travelling experience. We want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and soak in the authentic experiences of the destination and hence wherever possible, we like to give you the freedom to choose what you want to eat.

What is the meaning of ‘excess’ amount for vehicle insurance?

The excess amount is like a damage deposit for the vehicle. Rental motorcycle/car insurance agreements specify an excess amount, which is the maximum liability of the person renting the vehicle in case of damage caused during the rental duration. For example, if the excess amount for your vehicle is 1,500 euros, your liability is ‘up to’ that amount. So if you drop a bike or scratch your car during the tour, only the cost of repairing the damage is recovered from your excess amount, which may be, say, 100/200 euros and not 1,500.

Do you provide drivers for the road trips?

Our road trips are designed for people who love riding motorcycles or driving cars. ‘Self-drive‘ is the very foundation of our road trips. However, we will try to arrange a driver for your car (reluctantly) if you wish for it. As for motorcycle tours, there is no such thing as chauffeur driven bike ride!

Are the rental motorcycles/cars brand new and without any damage?

Our ground partners for rental vehicles are the best people one can find at the destination. Vehicles are properly maintained, insured and equipped for a road trip. However, it may happen that your rental bike/car has a scratch or minor damage. You don’t have to pay for damages to the vehicle that existed before it was handed over to you.

Can five or more people share the rental car?

No. In most of the countries, cars are only allowed to have four passengers. Children are an exception but otherwise we do not allow more than four people in one car. Going beyond the regulations, having more than four people in a car compromises passenger comfort on a multiple day road trip.

What is the meaning of ‘or similar’ when it comes to hotels or vehicles provided on your tours?

Providing a particular hotel can become a challenge due to a human error at our end or from the hotel. Similarly, if your rental vehicle gets damaged just before your rental duration begins, we cannot provide it to you. These occurrences are rare but possible since we are only human. If such situations do arise, we provide you a hotel room or a rental motorcycle/car that is similar in value and features to the one you have rented. For example, if you rent an Audi A4 sedan and it’s not available due to any reason, we may provide you a Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan or BMW 3 series sedan.