Arrive And Ride/Drive

Our tours are crafted to suit the interests and needs of the Indian traveller. We want you to enjoy every moment of your holiday without worrying about the logistics. The motorcycles, cars, routes, hotels, meal options, local activities and other services we provide are tested by Piyush Sonsale personally during his scouting trip of the location before a tour is launched. There is attention to detail in every activity during the tour to ensure that you get a seamless travelling experience from the moment you arrive and till the time you depart.

Safety First

Safety of the travellers is our first priority. We select the tour destinations and routes after a thorough research and a scouting trip. Riding gear recommended by MotoRover is mandatory for participation in our motorcycle tours tours. To further enhance safety, support vehicles and a MotoRover team accompany our group tours.

Breakdown And Medical Assistance

MotoRover support team provides medical and vehicle breakdown assistance to all participants of our group tours. The same will be provided remotely to our on-your-own tour participants.

Expert Guidance

MotoRover group tours are led by the founder Piyush Sonsale or one of the other team members. Our team has years of riding/driving experience having done numerous road trips in India and abroad. In addition to the tour leader, we have a local guide and mechanic in the sweep car. MotoRover has the expertise of handling motorcycle and car groups and have updated knowledge about the routes.

Local Experiences

MotoRover tours are not just about riding the motorcycle or car in an exotic location. Our routes will take you through non-urban parts of a country, often riding/driving through scenic locales. Our tours give you an insight into the local way of life through the local activities and experiences we offer and encourage you to savour regional cuisines to ensure a rich travel experience.

Meet Like-Minded Travellers

A road trip becomes a memorable experience when you share the special moments of the journey with like-minded companions. It’s always great to travel with family and friends but it happens quite often that your preferred companions aren’t available or simply don’t have the same travel interests. On MotoRover group tours, you will be in the company of travellers who enjoy riding motorcycles or driving cars and exploring new places. You will make new friends from different parts of the world, which might perhaps lead to many more road trips together.

Tours for everyone

Our motorcycle tours and self-drive road trips are designed for everyone. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced rider/driver, young or old, male or female. All you need is the desire and ability to ride/drive and a valid international driving license.